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Seattle, Washington Methamphetamine Addiction

The need for effective drug rehab and addiction treatment in Seattle, Washington is clearly evident due to the fact that the drug problem is destroying the lives of far too many people throughout the city and state. According to law enforcement officials throughout the state of Washington, methamphetamine abuse is high and is still on the rise. Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system and can induce anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, hallucinations, mood swings, delusions, and violent behavior, particularly during the "tweaking" stage of abuse. In Seattle, like anywhere else, violence is more commonly associated with the production, distribution, and abuse of methamphetamine than with any other illicit drug. As the euphoric effects of methamphetamine diminish, abusers enter the “tweaking” stage in which they are prone to violence, delusions, paranoia, and feelings of emptiness and dysphasia. During the “tweaking” stage the user often has not slept in days and consequently is extremely irritable. The "tweaker" also craves more methamphetamine, which results in frustration and contributes to anxiety and restlessness. At this stage methamphetamine users may become violent without provocation. Case histories indicate that “tweakers” have reacted violently to the mere sight of a police uniform.

As more information is gathered by Seattle law enforcement and addiction treatment centers regarding methamphetamine addiction, it is becoming easier for authorities to spot users more quickly even if they are not caught in possession of the drug. The nightmares that plague these abusers and their loved ones do not seem to be ending any time in the near future. Therefore it is up to officials to do all they can to stop the manufacturing and distribution of the drug as quickly as they can. With so many new ways to make the drug it is now easier for methamphetamine addicts to carry the tools they need for production. One of the newest ways of making the drug referred to as “shake and bake” only requires a plastic liter bottle and a few pills combined with some household chemicals. Even though this new method is fairly easy it is still remarkably dangerous and can cause an explosion if air enters the bottle.

In Seattle, officials are working hard to seize this dangerous drug and stop the violence caused by it. Federal Sentencing Statistic for drug cases show that in Washington 36.7% of these were for methamphetamine.  Of all the drugs on the street, methamphetamine has the potential of taking you down the hardest and fastest, as well as being the most lethal.  Looking at these numbers it is not hard to see that Seattle and all of Washington really need help with its methamphetamine problem.

To help with this epidemic Narconon has established a Field Representative for the Seattle area. To find out how you can information and help for yourself or someone you love please contact the Narconon Field Representative for Seattle at 1-888-816-0669.